DWW-440-01 Small summer event 2007
Edita vs Antscha


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Edita vs Antscha

For the first time after a pretty long period, the best wrestlers of each of our teams met each other at our small saturday summer event for some international matches and to find out which group has got the best pins and submission wrestlers. At an average age of 27 the participating women at this event were not only some of the best wrestlers and the strongest but also some of the most experienced ones. You’ll hardly meet a group of any better female submission wrestlers than here. In this DVD, muscular Antscha faces Edita who didn’t want to lose under any circumstances and who wrestled pretty defensive. In the second match, Antonia tried to show Antscha where “the real women are at home” and the match becomes pretty catty with some “bitch words” and even a light face punch. In the last match, newcomer Gloria did attend in her first international encounter. Those who had thought that she were nervous will learn their lesson. She really showed Antscha that she’s not an easy target and her strong legs gave her the opportunity for a submission you could hardly ever see. While Gloria had her usual smile in her face, Antscha will definitely remember the lesson forever! Some matches end with arm wrestling, all matches end with a muscle posing.

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3 topless pins and submission matches featuring Antscha (29) vs Edita (33) Antscha (29) vs Antonia (28) Antscha (29) vs Gloria (24)

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