MOVIES-911 Antscha vs Tiffany


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Antscha is much smaller than Tiffany and therefore we had made this international wrestling match more evenly matched by asking both woman to start the wrestling from their knees. This is another topless international pins and submissions wrestling match. Although it might actually look a bit one sided for some of you, then we might argue that you better shouldn’t underestimate Antscha’s abilities! She’s strong, skilled, experienced and very quick. Particularly a big woman like Tiffany has always problems catching and fixing the sweating and slippery body of a strong smaller woman like it is Antscha. She’s pretty much like a snake. This is an exciting “fair sports” wrestling match between two mature women in their thirties. Those are two of the strongest natural women on earth. Don’t miss this match if you enjoy watching the techniques and the sports of female submission wrestling. Since we did already present you our wonderful and informative event introduction scenes in 8 of the previously released event videos, we did waive it now, and therefore the complete time of the displayed video will actually be their wrestling match.

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