DWW-A2002-BSA-01 Topless Female MMA
Olga K vs Evgenia L


Evgenia L
Evgenia L
Olga K
Olga K
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Some of the wildest, most extreme and most shocking fights at our Summer Event are always the Black Sea Amazons fights. These matches are reserved to skilled fighters with good training, accepting to fight with punching, kicking, hairpulling and submission holds allowed. All matches are topless this time, wearing just a thong and cobra gloves.
Both Olga K and Evgenia L have a lot of experience in these no-hold-barred fights.
Are you tired of top world productions where MMA fighters look pretty at weight-in and ugly in the octagon ? Or organizations with pretty models but lame action ? DWW is the answer: women trained in Mixed Martial Arts, competing in hard-hitting aggressive matches, fully feminine, proud of their bodies and fighting topless!

Olga K, Evgenia L

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