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Andrea Boxe vs Elena


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Match: Andrea Boxe vs Elena

All but one of the ladies on this tape are members of a unique group of fighting females: the Black Sea Amazons. Better known for their extreme fighting style, many are expert in martial arts. Ash blonde Tatjana L. is the Ukrainian national kickboxing champion at her weight, brunette Tatyana K., a little heavier, is the world No.2 in taekwondo. Their strong rivalry and technical excellence is breathtaking. Elena is “Queen” of the Black Sea Amazons: here she shows her expertise to a tough member of a Hungarian club.
Viktoria and Olga are delightfully rounded, and they really fight hard, but the short gem at the end of the tape deserves explanation. Tatjana and Lessja were from different towns and met in one of the fiercest extreme fights ever filmed on DWW-BSA-88. Lessja then challenged Tatjana to box and got thoroughly thumped (BSA-91). This is their third fight and it‘s kickboxing. It is wild !

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Five kick-boxing matches featuring Tatjana L.:
Tatjana L. (21) vs. Tatyana K. (25): The Trial Summer Event 98,
Tatjana L. (21) vs. Tatyana K. (26): The Rematch: WWC99,
Andrea (20) vs. Elena (25) Spring 1997,
Viktoria B. (18) vs. Olga (22) Spring 1997,
Tatjana L. (19) vs. Lessja (19) Spring 1997

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Duration 13 minutes
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MP4 1440×1080 50fps (H.264)

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