FOM-163 Newcomer vs Aggressive Wrestler
Kristina Y vs Kati


Kristina Y
Kristina Y
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Kristina Y, Kati
Dress: Topless wrestling
Surface: on the mat

From our 1996 summer event this match was an exciting one. It was Kristina’s first match ever. She’s a stunning beauty and met Asian looking Kati who was well known for aggressiveness and her skills at that time. Though Kristina was on the losing end she showed her great determination, her power and her strength, next to her beauty and her confidence. She was a delight to watch how she struggled. There was even some hairpulling involved in this match. Worth to watch.

Content: Fight of the Month # 163 (July 2006)

– (previously published as DWW-074-04)

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