DWW-289-03 Topless Heavyweight Boxing
Daniela vs Barbara




Match: Daniela vs Barbara

While the club amateur boxers in Part 1 (DWW-288) have tremendous skill and athleticism, our “occasional” amateurs make up for it and then some with even more aggression and excitement in the boxing ring. Since they aren’t as trained and fit as the club amateurs, they box one-minute rounds to a finish. However, even if these matches lack some skill, you will notice that the DWW “occasional boxers” have all become more skilled year on year and now some are as good as the best amateur boxers we filmed just a few years ago. You’ll be surprised. Nevertheless, they get so aggressive and uncontrolled in their desperation to win at all costs that some of these boxing matches turn into real bar fights. The audience and the girls’s supporters got very excited and so will you! Here are some boxing fights whose sheer aggression you can hardly have dreamt of. One of our international guests was Tigerlady from the USA. See how she did in her first boxing match against a real competitive woman.

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Five topless boxing matches to a finish
Maryna M. (21, BSA) vs. Tigerlady Adrianne Z. (24, USA)
Denise (24) vs. Edita (29)
Daniela (24) vs. Barbara (24)
Timea C. (26) vs. Jana N. (21)
Cathy (23) vs. Olga K. (29, BSA)

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