FOM-450 Tatjana L. vs Tatyana K.


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This is a BSA-fight between two of the best BSA fighters of all times: Tatyana and Tatjana, filmed at the 1998 summer event. One year later both of them visited as DWW guests the USA wrestling convention in San Diego. Perhaps some of you will remember them. Since Tatyana was a perfect hitter and had deadly kicks as a TaekWonDo World Champion, boxer Tatjana always tried to avoid her rival’s strong legs and she was clever enough pulling her down quickly onto the mat for the clinch where she thought having a better chance as the better wrestler. Therefore there is less hitting and kicking than in other BSA fights but the more this is a catfight with excellent techniques, hair pulling and ground boxing that is ending in three great submissions. You could define this match as a catfight with cobra gloves between two evenly matched opponents between two of the worlds best female fighting athletes during these times.

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