MOVIES-1042 Emanuella vs Dorian


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


The third match of that series of mixed matches is between Emanuella and Dorian. In his first two matches, Dorian got a taste of two extremely strong women while Emanuella is more in the weaker category of Eva whom Dorian could beat in his first wrestling match. Although he’s already pretty tired, he really doesn’t want to lose against Emanuella. He’s doing everything he could do and he’s using all his power for defending his honour and for not losing his confidence completely. This is no mixed wrestling for you if you enjoy the woman dominating. Emanuella is trying hard but Dorian is almost furious and he’s giving all he can give for winning this match and for repairing his lost honour. Likely for many mixed wrestling fans this one might be the least attractive match out of the three mixed matches of this series, however, it’s worth for being seen as there’s quite a lot of muscle worship in this wrestling match between a guy and a woman.

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