MOVIES-670 Emanuella vs Patrick


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Emanuella and Anastasia meet each other in the garden for sun bathing when they suddenly decide for having some unusual fun. They’re both keen for wrestling a guy and when Patrick is coming along, there’s no doubt that he’ll have to fall them victim. First it is Emanuella who’s going to wrestle him. At first the young guy is quite happy for being able wrestling versus such gorgeous women as he thinks that it’ll be quite easy for him, but soon he’s finding out that Emanuella’s iron hard muscles are probably too much for him. There’s some water on the mat for cooling it down because of the hot sun. However. The water and their sweat is making their bodies slippery and even more sexy. Poor Patrick! It’s surprising how he was able to manage keeping cool with the wet figure ice skater’s muscular body gliding all over his helpless masculine body.

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