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Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is Patrick’s return on the wrestling mat after nearly one year and it is also Emanuella’s first competitive mixed wrestling match ever. This match was sponsored and Emanuella was wearing a jeans shorts and a sports top. Patrick did not only lose some weight since you had seen him for the last time but he also almost forgot everything about what he had already learnt about wrestling and only step by step during the match he began remember. He was also surprised by Emanuella’s power and by her strength, particularly by her deadly legs. Emanuella was so powerful and aggressive that poor Patrick had all hands full to defend her attacks. The rules were for submissions or for pins to submissions only. Although he lost weight, we are sure that Patrick will be the “old Patrick” again quite soon after having had some more matches as he became significantly more confident the longer the match lasted, as he was obviously pretty shy in the begin of this match in order to touch Emanuella’s beautiful body decisively. Perhaps he was afraid of touching this beautiful female body too closely because that would have made his body and his tight shorts physically react in a quite improper manner ? However, for Emanuella’s first mixed match he was quite the right choice and you’ll see a mixed match what most of our mixed wrestling fans will enjoy. It’s not a very skilled match as neither was Emanuella nor was Patrick very skilled, but therefore it’s rather a power struggle, male muscles vs female muscles. Will the young man have a chance or will Emanuella’s athletic body and her strong legs become the decisive difference between them ?

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