MOVIES-109 Elena O. vs Maria (Masha) M.


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To be honest, even without being overly excited nor exaggerating we must say that this is the BEST ever female extreme fight we’d know about. And trust us that we’ve seen a lot – as you can imagine. Elena O. is a tough, beautiful young newcomer. She’s a sports student trained in judo who loves to perform in fights and martial arts, too. She is absolutely fit and knows how to fight both in standing position and on the floor. Her take downs are world class, her floor techniques deadly. On the other hand, there is another 19 years old newcomer who is most confident and who likes to fight: Thai boxer Masha. She has absolutely deadly legs and kicks and you can trust that her kicks will painfully hurt you even when she doesn’t strike you while you are sitting in front of the TV. However, Elena is so tough and can take a lot, and she always strikes back even more aggressive, even when she got hit. There is no holding back in this three rounds fight and it goes over full distance with no second of this fight being without any exciting action. We believe that even most UFC men will be in awe if they’d watch this top class, energetic and overly aggressive fight. Both women do really earn our greatest thanks and we female fighting fans shall be grateful that such women exist. In the end there are excerpts of the interviews taken with both fighters while you can already read the English translation of the full interviews in the DWW WEB CLUB members area. It’s a fight you’ll never forget if you like real fights. We’re curious about your reviews. By the way, they’d like to fight again and BSA have a wonderful new team with beautiful faces you haven’t seen fighting yet, and they are searching for sponsors and support for being able to continue with these fights and these wonderful women !

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