MOVIES-180 Michal vs Laila


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Laila is one of our strongest and most skilled wrestlers. She’s not as strong as Tiffany but evenly skilled and perhaps quicker and more flexible. Michal doesn’t know her but he’s convinced to win. This is again a tough and competitive topless mixed match and both fighters are doing their very best. Sometimes you wouldn’t realise that there is a man versus a woman wrestling. It’s thrilling, quick and exciting. If you’re enjoying when women dominate a man who has got no chance then you probably won’t like this one. However, if you want real wrestling between the genders at another top notch level becoming true, don’t miss this ! Gloria is again cheering on her friend Michal and she’s talking pretty dirty to him when he does something wrong. There are English subtitles for the interviews of the two wrestlers plus sometimes in between the match to make this even more lively and exciting.

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Duration 22 minutes
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