MOVIES-344 Lucille vs Anastasia


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Anastasia (21), Lucille (23)

This is the first match of a scripted catfight scenario round robin tournament between Marketa K., Anastasia and Lucille. Bot Anastasia and Lucille are catfight novices (Lucille’s first catfight ever) while Marketa K. has already got lots of catfighting experience. While the few seconds before they start fighting on the mat are scripted, their fight is real and the longer it goes the more they are getting personal. Lots of trash talk in original English – something you’ve often missed in our fights, here it is, in all three catfights ! Two really athletic women are meeting here on the mat, both with powerful thighs they are using for their scissors. One of the most exciting scenes happens when Lucille tests the strength of Anastasia’s thighs and there is a thigh versus thigh scissors emerging from their fight that drives both sports women literally away as their intense thighs squeezing during their catfight becomes a really personal thing for pride between these two ex alpine skiing racers. For those of you who like powerful thighs this is a very erotic scene and hardly ever to be seen in any other wrestling matches. There’s not much to say about this catfight except that the hair pulling is not that painful like the one between experts like Jana and Antonia but good enough for beginners. We believe that the pictures speak for themselves and tell more than thousand words.

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