MOVIES-838 Anastasia vs Luna


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This is Luna’s first catfight. It is an apartment catfight! The match began quite aggressive with pride at stake and since Anastasia thought that she would have a better chance by pulling sporty Luna’s hair, she established an unexpected catfight. And what a catfight this was! Did this become Anastasia’s nightmare? You bet! Luna has never had a catfight in front of our cameras before, but we bet that this wasn’t the first catfight in her life. At first Luna did protest against Anastasia’s unexpected tactics of pulling her beautiful black hair, but soon Luna is going to ask (rather warn) Anastasia if she’s really up for making her brutal and angry! She had sincerely hoped that Anastasia would return to the more sporting wrestling behaviour but after Luna had realised that she didn’t, it was Luna who did almost lose her temper. She really became extremely aggressive and reckless then. Proud Luna definitely enjoyed when Anastasia was coming close to tears. Luna is a much better catfighter (as a catfighting novice that she was) than we would ever had expected. This match is labelled as a nude match, but it isn’t really a nude catfight. Most of the time it’s a topless wrestling match. It just happened what does happen in so many catfights that their clothing (including) their thongs were aggressively ripped into pieces by an aggressive fighter, revealing some part of nudity during some time of this match. If you just purchase this match for the sake of nudity, then it’ll be better if you skip this match because we are having many more matches that were completely nude catfights. This one isn’t. However, if you enjoy watching Luna’s catfight premiere in front of our cameras plus a very aggressive catfight with lots of pride at stake and an extremely aggressive and powerful, sometimes reckless Luna, then watch this match, while particularly after minute 10 Luna is getting VERY aggressive and nasty, making her proud opponent crying.

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