MOVIES-357 Kimbra vs Kata


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


4 girls Tournament – April Event 2008
Kimbra (22), Kata (23)

This is the fourth match of an international 4 girls pins and submission wrestling tournament.
When Kimbra is in a match you can bet that there are great emotions and that there is no kind of defensive wrestling possible. She does what she needs to do in order to be the better woman. Kata is too optimistic when she gets aggressive with Kimbra’s style and when she tries to pull her hair. Those who know Kimbra (Kata didn’t know her, what a pity for her !) immediately knew that Kata did definitely chose the wrong victim for her hair pulling attempt. Don’t do that with Kimbra ! Kimbra immediately turns into a terminator once she’s challenged like that. Watch out how this match continues ….. In the end one desperate woman leaves the mat and her face is covered with tears.

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