MOVIES-384 Nina vs Marketa K.


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Marketa K. (23), Nina (26)

This is a sgpin to submission only wrestling match between Marketa K. and strong and aggressive Nina who likes to get her place in our wrestling team, too. If she shall get a chance our fans will decide as always. Marketa is as always not very pleased when she finds a potential rival who could become a danger for her already achieved fan status and from the beginning she makes fun of Nina and she provokes her. Nina is outraged. There’s some of the most realistic and exciting trash talk in this match and you’ll never have seen Nina as aggressive and determined in a competitive match. Marketa’s cockiness can even turn fawns into tigresses. Oh yes, there are long sgpins to a submission only in this match, but the whole match has got all the emotions of a brutal catfight between two real rivals who dislike each other. Perhaps the catfight is something for the future as the current loser certainly seeks for a revenge and she wants nothing more than to finish off her rival completely.

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