MOVIES-606 Denise vs Jana N.


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Once Emanuella and Mel finished their match with a clear winner, their friends are going to settle their dispute once and for all in a real female challenge: A nude catfight ! There’s a lot of rivalry at stake and in front of their friends both women are particularly interested in giving their very best. Consequently this becomes one of the wildest catfights we’ve ever had at DWW. It’s sheer incredible what both fighters are doing and how far they went. Just looking into Jana’s face will give you a small clue about what kind of real fighters those tough women really are. If you want to use the word “catfight” for a really good and for an authentic example of a catfight (but not for the fake and scripted ones), then you’ll have to watch this match. It’s certainly not for the fainthearted as it is for real. It’s challenging, exciting and for sure it’s a collectors items as it’s one of the best catfights of the century !

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