MOVIES-030 Brazil vs Germany


Eva N
Eva N
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Eva_N (19), Sarah (20)

Eva_N is cheering on for Germany while Sarah is an already frustrated Brazil soccer fan. Both women are dressed like the fans of their teams. Eva is just watching TV as Germany plays their semi final while roommate Sarah is kidding and disturbing her. Sarah always insists that Brazil is the better soccer team and ever will be so. Eva has got enough of her jokes and becomes upset when Sarah turns off the TV right after Germany scored their winning goal and so the catfight erupts (any soccer fans would probably do the same what Eva did when somebody would turn off your TV just when there was a goal for your team, right?). There are no subtitles necessary since the discussion between the two rivals is logic as it is always about who has got the better team and who of the two gorgeous women is their better and their stronger representative. While the female fan of one team has soon gained the advantage she also lacks of stamina, endurance and killer instinct. However, the pretty fan of the other team becomes more and more dominant the longer the fight goes. She shows will and determination. And …. is the other girl getting sexually excited and becoming weaker while wrestling completely nude body to body with this other gorgeous girl? Maybe ! Finally fan of one team becomes humiliated by the winner of the other team as she has not just to admit vocally that she’s the weaker woman but – much more difficult for her – also that the team of the rival woman is the better soccer team. Great story, exciting novices wrestling, and two of the most beautiful women in this world wrestling and catfighting for real, completely nude.

There will be an erotic version Brazil vs Germany with the same two women starring in our sister site soon. If you liked this one then stay tuned for their erotic version!

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