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This is an excellent and very competitive oil wrestling match. However, we have to note that both women were allowed touching their opponent’s body everywhere they wanted to. If they felt that they were weaker or that they had no chance against the superior strength of their opponent, they could try to weaken the other woman with unusual and even erotic holds (if they wanted to and if they felt that it would be at their advantage). Newcomer Luna is showing us once again her gorgeous body, her incredible confidence, her wonderful female strength and her outstanding wrestling talent and fighting spirit. She surely has a good chance for becoming the “Newcomer of the Year”. Although this is NO sex fight and it has nothing to do with trib either and although this is a superb oil wrestling match and it is extremely competitive, there are sometimes fingers touching intimate spots of the other body. If you hate to see this, then better don’t watch this exciting match. There are lengthy interviews with both woman before and after their match making this fight extremely entertaining and exciting to watch. Both women wear extremely skimpy and revealing bikini thongs and sometimes their thongs are accidentally that much revealing that unfortunately for us we had to put this match into the nude wrestling category although we kindly ask you to NOTE that 99% of this match is TOPLESS wrestling WITH g-strings. This is by definition NO NUDE oil wrestling match.

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