MOVIES-824 Ingrid vs Antonia


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This is a nude catfight in oil. Both women are already old rivals and both are very aggressive when they’re fighting. Antonia however is always in danger when she’s fighting nude as she cannot deny her strong feelings for strong and beautiful women. Antonia is bigger and probably stronger than Ingrid but we all do know how good and how fierce Ingrid can be in catfights. This is an excellent and tough fight between two equally matched strong women and you’ll see two excellent catfighters in a fantastic fight. Finally however, both women have had enough about their equally matched but painful encounter and both are going to enjoy the hot and sensual competitive atmosphere with each others female bodies. This is exactly where this catfight ends and where part two will begin. If you’re interested into the final, sensual and erotic part of their match, too, then please continue viewing part 2 in already released match TRIB-0381.

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