MOVIES-845 Ingrid vs Jana N. – part 1


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This is a catfight between two old time rivals. Gloria has still something to settle with Ingrid and she was present because she wanted to watch Jana teaching Ingrid a lesson about what a real catfight looks like. When Ingrid appears, she’s surprised about Gloria being present and watching them. However, she accepts Jana’s challenge. Expect a real catfight between two of the best catfighters ever. There’s no love lost and that catfight is extremely intense. It’s nothing for the feint-hearted! Please skip it if you’re afraid of a real catfight! There’s a second part because the two rivals were finally beginning to attack and to use their breasts and crotches. To avoid us shocking the purist catfight fans, we did split this catfight into two parts and we did put the short (but very intense) final scenes into TRIB-0390. Although there is hardly any trib at all in part 2 either, as this is an all out catfight and there’s no love lost at all, for some of you, part 2 might have been too much for being on that site. However, there are also some spots of nudity in this match as thongs are being ripped off and partially displaced , too.

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