MOVIES-847 Nina vs Mariella – Part 1


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For both women this wrestling match was scheduled for being their last chance. Both of them hadn’t been too successful in wrestling so far and they knew that the chances for the loser for getting another wrestling match in the future once again would be close to zero. Therefore this match is extremely ambitious and emotional. It’s also an exciting “old” vs “young” encounter. In this sponsored match there are no scissors allowed although it’s a submissions only match. They should fight until the loser is finished off completely and until she confirms that she’s got no chance and that the other woman is the stronger one. There is some nudity because they are ripping off everything including their thongs after a while. There is also some oil because they began fighting on an oiled mat surface that had been used in another oil match before because they were so aggressive that they couldn’t wait to start until we had changed the mat’s surface. As said before, both women are neither skilled nor experienced wrestlers. For many of you, however, this is exactly what you enjoy to see. There’s a decisive winner and there’s a completely finished off loser who’s crying because she knew that she had just wasted her last chance for another wrestling match in the future. If you like emotional but unskilled wrestling to the finish then this is exactly for you. Part 2 of this challenge can be seen in TRIB-0391.

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