MOVIES-930 Eva N. vs Nina


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Nina doesn’t like Eva because of some private affairs. However, Nina does also know that Eva is – although Eva is much smaller, lighter and younger than Nina – the stronger woman. Recently Nina did train and work out quite a lot and she now believes that she’s ready for teaching Eva a lesson in a fight. There’s an interesting interview with both women before their match begins, describing the strong rivalry existing between them. Both women are starting topless but soon they’re nude and this becomes a very competitive and ambitious oil wrestling match with sexy sights of two gorgeous nude women brawling to the finish in a free landscape. The much surprised loser of this match isn’t very happy with the result and she’s eager to continue this competition to the finish, making it not just competitive but extremely erotic, too. Find that exciting final released in Part 2 (TRIB-0414) on our erotic website.

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