MOVIES-879 Nikita vs Lucille


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This is a nude test of strength competition wrestling match with special rules. It’s not a standard wrestling match but it was rather scheduled as a “strength competition match” for finding out about whom the stronger woman is but not for finding out about whom the more skilled woman is. Both women had always to allow their opponent doing the same hold that she was currently using herself. Usually you would always try to prevent being fixed in a head scissors while you’re holding your opponent’s head between your thighs. However, here it was that the other woman had to allow her opponent fixing her head between her muscular thighs, too, as soon as she has got her in that hold. Therefore you’ll see quite a lot of long double head scissors, double scissors, mutual face sit pins, thigh squeezing and of course a lot of bear hugs in this match. Unfortunately there is no real decision in the end of that match what will many of us immediately force asking for the second part, wouldn’t it?

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