MOVIES-933 Anni vs Jana W.


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This is your new favourite blonde novice wrestler Anni versus blonde Jana W. with pins and submissions allowed. However, as both girls are pretty much unskilled you can see that their first deliberate choice of a hold would always be the SGPIN what they had learnt and seen and probably already tested at school. The girls are both gorgeous blondes and slim but very ambitious. Jana is much more experienced than Anni but she’s not only older but a little bit smaller, too. It would have been very frustrating for Jana losing versus that ambitious young newcomer whom we had selected in that famous street casting only a few weeks ago. Don’t expect to see any skilful holds in this match (except for the SGPINs). Don’t expect two extremely strong girls here. They’re simply pretty girls next door who love fighting and who’re very ambitious. We believe that although both pins and submissions were allowed, this match will become one of the favourite matches particularly for all our fans of SGPINs. The first fall they wrestled in skirts and tops but later on both girls were topless and in thongs. This is typical but very ambitious girl wrestling with two unskilled girls giving everything and more and of course their very best for winning.

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