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Membership entitles you to view and save photos and movies for your own use and enjoyment. This membership is not transferable. Use by persons other than yourself will result in the cancellation of your membership. Under no circumstances should you allow these images to be viewed by minors. Each subscriber is allowed to use the WEB CLUB service with the Internet provider (one only) of his choice. You must tell us if you change your Internet provider. If multiple access from different sources using a single user ID is detected, the ID and the associated password will be deemed to have been illegally traded and the server account will be terminated without refund. The same will happen in the event of an attempt to access the site from two or more locations simultaneously using the same user ID.


You are only minutes away from becoming a member of one of the most exciting wrestling websites in the World Wide Web.

By submitting your Activation Key below, you are agreeing to the following:

  • I certify that I am 18 years of age or over and I am permitted by law to view adult material in my community/state and I understand that some contents of this site are for adults only.
  • I certify that my membership will be used for my own personal enjoyment and that I will not under any condition, share or transfer my membership. I understand that if I fail to comply with these conditions my account will be suspended.
  • I agree to the contractual terms and conditions of membership! I will carefully read all contractual terms and conditions before signing up for membership of the WEB CLUB!

Remember: the Web Club is a monthly magazine. Each issue is completely different - the content (photos, videos etc.) changes completely at the end of the month, so subscriptions always expire at the end of a month and never in the middle. Subscribing for one month gives you the right to download the entire issue for that month - how much time you have to do this depends on whether you subscribe at the very beginning or nearer the end of the month - but not that of the following month as well; because then you'd be paying for one issue and getting two. That's why a one-month subscription you take out, say, on the tenth of the month, doesn't carry over to the ninth of the following month as some of you might expect. But don't worry! Provided you leave yourself time to download the whole issue - and this can be done in a single day or at most two (depending on your modem speed and how long you want to spend in a single session browsing) - it makes no difference what day you subscribe, just as it makes no difference whether you buy a conventional magazine on the fifth or the twenty-fifth day of the month; you still get the same number of pages!

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