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in locked completion under fair conditions.
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A secure SSL connection is used for the secure completion of your order and payment. To prevent misuse, your IP address will be saved for 60 days.

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You can order videos by credit card, prepayment (such as bank transfer) or cash on delivery (available in certain countries only).

Payment in US$, Euro, Pounds Sterling £ and Austrian Schillings ATS.

Delivery 100% guranteed
Guaranteed availabilty until notice otherwise
For safe and economic handling of your order we cooperate with reliable parcel services. Delivery is normally up to 48 hours in Europe and the USA (where it is by DHL), dependent on your chosen method.

Videos are also available in NTSC (system for North America, Japan)

You can track the status of your order on line at any time with the aid of your shipping number.

Discreet delivery in plain wrapping!

Technical note
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How to use the on line shop
Choose the Product Group in View 1, or use the Quick Catalogue
Enter the required quantity by the item(s) you want. Click on "Add to Cart" to put the items in your shopping basket. The shopping basket appears. You can check its contents at any time by clicking on "Shopping Cart". You can change your order by altering the quantities for each item. If you want to to delete an item, deactivate the field "Confirm".
Note: Each time you change an entry in the Shopping Cart you must click on "Re-calculate"
When you have finished your order, click on "Click to Pay".

Now choose the delivery method. First, enter the destination of your order in "Select your destination". This will show you the available delivery methods for that destination. Choose a delivery method using "Please select shipping method".

Note: when you select a destination, the normal video system for that country will appear automatically. For example, the NTSC system for the USA, PAL for Sweden, and so on. (Please be aware that "VHS" is not a video system, but a cassette size. All DWW tapes are VHS.) If you want to change the video system used on your order, please do so.

Now click on "Secure Server". All further information is entered via a secure SSL connection.
(If your internet browser does not support secure data transmission, you may click on "Standard server".)

The customer form is now shown. Please complete it accurately. The responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of this information is yours alone. When you have checked it, click on "Enter Customer Information" You MUST complete all fields with an asterisk Wbs02tlr.gif (1197 Byte). Your birthdate is necessary proof of your adult status.

Your complete order form now appears. Enter or change any remaining information and check that the form allows us successfully to deliver what you want by the method you want. Then click on "Order".

You will now be shown a "Shipping Number". Please make a note of this number immediately. Later, you can follow the progress of your order with this number. If you want a pro forma invoice or receipt which you can print from your browser, click on ""Generate Invoice /Receipt".

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