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fiction story competition 2008

We are proud to present our fans all the stories contributed by our fans for the DWW story contest. We hope that all submitted stories are available (if one is missing please contact us) as unfortunately not everybody did submit their stories in the requested form and format we had required. We were positively surprised by the high quality of some of the stories. Some stories are excellent while some others are more or less good – you’ll find out yourself if you’d want to read them. We did split all stories into two categories:
The stories with any erotic highlights are presented in tribgirls.com while the stories with pure wrestling or catfighting content are being presented on the DWW site.

A big thank to all authors for submitting so many exciting stories. Any of the displayed stories are certainly WINNERS as they help to entertain other fans and to share your interesting thoughts and fantasies.

Here are the final votes of our jury:

As there were so many different stories (competitive and erotic themes) it was extremely hard to decide for the best one. Our jury was checking not only about how exciting the content of the story had been but also about if it was more or less likely and realistic to film such a story and if it wasn't too complicated to read or perhaps too complicated to understand that story. This hasn't been a jury deciding about what story would be the better arts and neither about if the more valuable piece of culture could win the Nobel Prize in literature. Not at all, quite the contrary ! It was simply just about what story was easier to read and more simple and more exciting to understand and consequently what story would finally be easier to film. Finally there were two stories top rated with the maximum points and since both stories were completely different (one in English and one in German language and one was an erotic story and the other one a wrestling story) we decided to award two winners and two third place runner up.

And the winners are:

1. Business Unusual  - 10 out of 10 points
1. Hidden Agendas Part 2  - 10 out of 10 points

3. Freund oder Feind   -  9 out of 10 points
3. Meeting in a motel room  - 9 out of 10 points


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  title author classification language
1 Ruler of the Amazonia author21 competitive
2 The New Princess author21 catfight
3 Winter Break author22 sisters fight
4 BUSINESS UNUSUAL author1 apartment wrestling
5 Three-Two-One-Mine author2 catfight
6 Catfight in Leder author2 catfight
7 Drei-Zwei-Eins-Meins author2 catfight
8 Zwillinge author2 catfight
9 Wrestling Tournament author4 ff wrestling tournament
10 Alles nur ein Traum author6 catfight
11 Freund oder Feind? (Marlies und Caro) author6 apartment wrestling
12 Cream puff author13 wrestling script
13 Fighting Cat author12 wrestling, mixed, catfight
14 Ein ungeplanter kampf Jörg Hase catfight
15 Mori tori te salutant! Jörg Hase catfight
16 Fliegendes klassenzimmer Jörg Hase catfight
17 Zwei alte Schulfreundinnen treffen sich wieder silver wrestling
18 Im Schwimmbad silver wrestling
19 Mein erstes Mal silver wrestling
20 Das h„ssliche Ende einer Party christian catfight
21 Kampf der Discobedienungen author37 catfight
22 Kampf in der Disco - Teil 1 author37 catfight
23 Kampf in der Disco - Teil 2 author37 catfight

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