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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
downloading Fight of the Month
The following abbreviations apply:
Issue: stands for "DWW WEB CLUB monthly issue of which you are a member"
Movies: stands for "DWW-MOVIES"
Account: stands for "Your vaild DWW WEB CLUB membership account"
Credits: stands for the number of credits or "tokens" currently available to you, which you have obtained by purchase or as a result of your membership, and which you may use to download DWW Movies.
FofM: stands for "Fight of the Month"
How many Credits do I get from my Web Club Membership to download a FofM?

For every Issue for which you are a Web Club Member, you get (starting April 2006) 5 Credits. So if you subscribe to 3 monthly Issues, your account gets 15 Credits automatically.

How many Credits does a FofM cost?

At present, you need 1 Credit to download one FofM.

How many FofMs can I choose from at any time?

This will vary. We offer up to 7 or more different fights in differing styles each month. Of course we shall offer more of those fight styles which we know appeal to most members by accounting the download numbers for each fight.

Does this mean that we mixed fans will be able to download a new FofM in our favourite style each month?

Yes, for the time being there will be at least one new mixed match in every new issue.

Can I download only one FofM each month, or can I download all of them?

If you have enough Credits, you can download all of them. In fact you can use your Credits how you wish, either on DWW Movies or FofM. You just need to know that each FofM costs 1 Credit only during the month it belongs to, lateron the same fight will cost 4 or more credits. If you need more Credits you must buy more of them through DWW and combine them with your account using our smart combine tool.

You mean if I subscribe for 12 Issues I get 60 Credits and can use them immediately to download 60 FofMs, so long as there are that many available?

Yes and no. There will never be 60 available for one credit in one issue only. However, if you spend all your Credits at once (e.g. for DWW MOVIES or other FofMs) and then want to download future FofMs which have not yet been made available, you will need to buy more Credits at some point. However, you'd also reduce your choice for available FofMs at once during all the upcoming months while you are still a member.

Can I use my Credits for fights from DWW Movies?

Yes, but remember that the files from the DWW Movies are more expensive.

For how long are FofMs available?

Each FofM will show a start date and an expiry date. You will see a date displayed by "Closes". Usually a FofM will stay for at least one or two years online, however, it will only be available for as low as 1 credit during the month of its first web club issue. There there is a "cushion" of 5 days complete started downloads which have somehow failed. Of course, at the moment you start your download you must be a current, valid member with enough Credits to complete the download.

If I have Credits left over from a particular month, can I use them later?

Yes, your Credits are always available to you until they are used, even if your subscription expires, but to use them on FofM you must be a valid Web Club Member and note that there are new FofMs every month bit the old ones will no longer have the reduced price. If you miss one web club issue you will miss a lot of downloads for the reduced price. If you need to subscribe again, you must use your old Log-in Number and Password to access your old Credits. However, if you did forget your old password and then you ask us for support we shall charge you ONE Credit for this facility. You can also always transfer Credits from your old account to a new account. Click HERE to transfer Credits from an old to a new account.

Can I give my unused Credits to another Web Club Member?

No, this is strictly forbidden, and contrary to the contractual License Agreement you agreed to when you subscribed. If someone tries to do this, the accounts of BOTH the perpetrator and the recipient will be closed, barred for the future and their Credits annulled. Legal action may follow without notice, since we can access the IP/DNS details of all subscribers. A member may only transfer credits between his own accounts.

Can I download FofM with Credits from DWW Movies, without being a DWW Web Club Member?

No. FofMs will download only to current, valid Web Club Members with sufficient Credits.

I already have an account with DWW Movies, and I'm a Web Club Member. Can I use these DWW Movies Credits to download FofM?

Yes. So long as you are a current valid Web Club Member, it doesn't matter which Credits you spend on FofM - each Credit is worth the same. You just need to have enough. But note that the FofMs for a reduced price (1 credit) are ONLY available during their first issue. Later they are still available but for the normal price of 4 or more credits.

I read in DWW Movies that I have only 5 days to download a fight.

Correct for DWW-MOVIES files. The moment you start to download a fight from the DWW Movies, you have 5 days to complete the download. But you can start at any time. FofM is an exception because it's part of a Web Club Issue which changes every month. As always, you have till the end of the Issue to complete the download of FofM. For example, if you start the download on the first day of the month, you have all month to complete it successfully. But if you start on the last day of the month, you will have only one day to complete it, because next month is a new Web Club Issue. If you don't manage to complete it, and need to try again in the new month (assuming it's still available!) you'll need to spend probably another 4 Credits to do so. Therefore we strongly recommend not to start your download on the last day of a month.

I used Credits to download FofM, and I either made a mistake as to which one I wanted, or I don't like it. Can I change my mind or will you give me my Credits back?

Sorry, no. We give very clear and honest information as to what you can expect from a particular fight and our downloads are at a bargain price. We make no refunds in any circumstance. We accept your situation that it is a pity for you having used your credits for the wrong match - regardless the reason if you did it accidentally or deliberately - but no requests for refunds will be answered.

I used my FofM Web Club Credits to download a fight from DWW Movies - the DWW Movies. But this .wmv file format is too big for my old computer and I can't play it. What can I do??

Sorry, hard luck! But DWW-Movies offers every user a 3-minute test film and very strongly points out that if you are unable successfully to download this test in a reasonable time and watch it without difficulty, the ONLY solution is for you to purchase a better internet connection or a better computer system or both, according to the problems you experience. There is nothing DWW can do to help, and no refunds will be made.

If I downloaded a FofM in small file size and low resolution, and liked it, can I download the same one in a better resolution without using any more Credits?

Sure - so long as you do it within the same Web Club Issue. If you try it from within another issue (in another month) you'll need new Credits.

Can I transfer Credits from my DWW Movies account to my Web Club Account?

Yes, so long as they are both yours alone. Click our smart combine tool to transfer Credits from one of your personal accounts to another.

I subscribed to the Web Club but didn't receive any Credits. What should I do?

If you subscribed for "Photos only", you won't get any Credits. If you subscribed for full membership and got access but no Credits, please contact us.

I've seen all the FofMs and the last one didn't interest me. What can I do with my remaining Credits.

If you have the right connection and computer system, you can download something from DWW Movies. Or you can retain your Credits and wait for an upcoming FofM which interests you or until you have the equipment to download large .wmv files. See above for questions about keeping your Credits.

I don't want to use my Credits. Can I give them back in return for money or a new or extended membership?

No Credits are not negotiable. You may not refund, sell, give or in any way trade them.

I have heard that in the future you will charge me 1 Credit for restoring my forgotten password. Is that true?

Information concerning lost passwords and so is free to current valid Members and for their current valid accounts if they can use our smart online password retrieval tool you can find in our customer service link, although we hope you will keep your passwords carefully so as to excuse us the laborious task of finding and re-communicating such information. It will cost 1 credit for the information requested concerning passwords if you do not remember only two of your personal data and need our manual assistance therefore. Please make sure you keep all your old passwords if you want to be able to use saved Credits from expired accounts.

I have an incompatible internet connection or a browser which is more than five years old, which won't read from the DWW Movies. What can I do?

Unfortunately this is something we cannot help with. Computers are not like frying pans - both hardware and software change with the times. There are no provisions we can make for the few who do not upgrade to suit modern conditions. The solution lies with you alone.

I have a Mac, how to download videos.

Do Not Open movie until you have downloaded to DISK (hard drive) Do Not use Windows Media Player 7 until you have the movie on your hard drive.
Download method for Mac users or users of any other non-compatible computer systems:
1) Click the download method "without a download manager"
2) Do Not Open movie until you have completely downloaded to DISK (hard drive)
3) Do Not use Windows Media Player until you have the movie on your hard drive.
3a) Using Netscape :place cursor over link
"download without download manager", hold control key down, click mouse and hold till menu pops up, select "Save Link As..."
3b) Using Explorer :same method menu choice is "Save Target as..."
4) For MPEG Files (FofM)
Also we have heard that Quicktime viewed .mpg's are much smoother and more effective on a Mac than .wmv files through Windows Media Player on a Mac.