DWW-290-04 Topless Boxing to a Finish
Edita vs Adrianne Z


Adrianne Z
Adrianne Z


Match: Edita vs Adrianne Z

Continuing from DWW-289, more of the “occasional” amateurs boxing to a finish over one-minute rounds, here on the first night of the main Summer Event. Boxing to a finish is an excellent idea because the winner isn’t decided by a judge or points, although referees and corner make sure a fighter gives up when she should. Hence the winner is simply the better woman – not necessarily the better boxer, but the woman who can take more, who is fitter, has more endurance and will to win. A true winner, in fact. Of course, there are also ko’s and tko’s. And as in DWW-289 the fights are fast and furious, and as wild as you can imagine! The DWW favourites have also gained in technique and stamina, although for her second bout US Adrianne Tigerlady got an much easier opponent to show us more of her boxing skill. You’ll be again surprised by the aggression and determination shown by these beautiful women in the boxing ring.
The last match, Maryna M vs Olga K, is probably the shortest match in the history of female boxing: it lasts exactly 5 seconds with just a few punches thrown, before being stopped due to an injury.

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Five topless boxing matches to a finish
Barbara (24) vs. Denise (24)
Timea C. (26) vs. Zsuzsa (19)
Monika N. (21) vs. Jana N. (20)
Edita (29) vs. Adrianne Z. (24, USA)
Maryna M. (21, BSA) vs. Olga K. (29, BSA)

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