DWW-320-03 Cheerleader Fights
Luzia vs Monika N


Monika N
Monika N
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Monika N

Eva and Monika storm angrily into Lenka’s room: Lenka has been spreading rumours about them. They’re going to get her. Monika holds her still while Eva brings the scissors close to her long, blonde hair. The “Beasts” have stripped the terrified Lenka almost nude when Luzia bursts into the room and hurls herself at Lenka’s tormentors. This produces a 2 vs. 2 catfight with lots of wedgies, stripping and hairpulling. As the pace slackens, they challenge each other to settle it once and for all in one-on-one catfights. Eva vs Lenka, Monika vs Luzia, Lenka vs. Monika and finally Eva vs. Luzia really go at it to decide which team is better. These girls are gorgeous and the catfights fierce and brutal. The girls show no mercy to their opponents, squeeze hard with their thighs and arms, pull hair and do other awful things to their opponents in order to win. Face-sits and schoolgirl pins with hairpulling are some of the fiercer tactics. The pace is as hot as the girls. You can feel the animosity between these two pairs of close friends and the revenge feeling set-up by one friend for the other in their follow up matches. More than one loser is left in tears after a humiliating submission. At the end, one team wins by just a (cat’s) whisker. A tremendous tape for lovers of real apartment catfights and a gold medal for the sponsors of this exciting idea.

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Cheerleaders’ quarrel leading to four topless catfights
Good cheerleaders: Luzia and Lenka
Bad cheerleaders: (Beasts): Eva and Monika N
Lenka (23) and Luzia (23) vs Eva (22) and Monika N (21)- 2 vs 2 quarrel
Eva (22) vs Lenka (23)
Luzia (23) vs Monika N (21)
Lenka (23) vs Monika N (21)
Eva (22) vs Luzia (23)

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Duration 14 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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