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Antscha vs Karine


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Antscha vs Karine

Summer Event 2005
Gorgeous blonde German Karine is already well known and gets better at every DWW appearance. She’s not yet as good as the best but ever more skilled and determined. Her first fight here was a rematch with aggressive black Zambia. Their first encounter at another event was stopped owing to disagreements over rules. Each looked forward to settle things once and for all, but we were cautious, because Zambia showed she cannot to control her temper. The match is aggressive, if tricksy by Zambia, but fair in the end with a clear winner. In the second match two of the best muscled slim girls at the event show they are evenly matched and keen to win. Whose biceps will prevail this time? The third item is also very even: Laila and Bea use all their power and energy to get the upper hand. It was very exciting but we had to stop it after the first, long, fall as dinner could not wait! The continuation was scheduled for the next day but cancelled owing to a leg injury. Another time, perhaps. Finally, Karine faces Denise on the last day. One of them seemed to be tired from previous matches it was surprisingly short and rather one-sided. If you like evenly matched, strong, muscular, slim, gorgeous girls wrestling topless, with all power they have, this is certainly for you.

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Four topless wrestling matches
Karine (23) vs. Zambia (20)
Karine (23) vs. Antscha (26)
Bea (22) vs. Laila (22)
Karine (23) vs. Denise (26)

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Duration 17 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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