MOVIES-769 Miriam vs Eva N.


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If you liked MOVIES-767 and MOVIES-768 then you’ll probably enjoy this match. If you hated those movies, then better skip this match, too! This is a competitive topless wrestling match dressed with stockings. While Eva was allowed to do everything, Miriam was just allowed to do pins. Eva however, did remember her success versus Anita and she also touched Miriam on private spots of her body, making Miriam quite upset. After the first fall the loser of the fall had to strip the stockings. However, after the second fall it should continue topless, but Eva was taking off her thong deliberately, standing completely nude in front of Miriam, challenging her surprised opponent and thinking that Miriam would quit when Eva was nude. However, although a bit intimidated, Miriam continued the wrestling. Eva however, was attacking everything on Miriam’s body, her crotch, her breasts, her thighs, her ass using all the beautiful assets of her own body. Was she able to weaken her opponent? Was she able to confuse her opponent? We believe that this match so far was Eva’s masterpiece! Although it is labelled as a nude wrestling match because Eva will be nude after the second fall, Miriam won’t be nude in this match.
This is a competitive wrestling match, therefore it is on this site. However, what you will see might shock some of you and they would rightly claim that this match belongs to the erotic tribgirls site rather than on this site. We agree that this match crosses the border between pure competition and extreme erotic from time to time and any opinion might be right. Therefore we are warning you! If you’re one of those who hate the erotic parts of female wrestling and female body to body situations, DO NOT download this match. If you’re one of those who believe that this match doesn’t belong to this website: DO NOT download this match. However, if you’re one of those customers who usually enjoys watching one of the most erotic wrestling matches in history which still belongs to the competitive wrestling category as well, then better download this match immediately.

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