MOVIES-1054 Eva N vs Mickey


Eva N
Eva N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is a continuation from MOVIES-1053. Eva had introduced Mickey while his first experience in a real mixed wrestling match taught him how strong trained sports girls could be. Eva was embarrassed about Mickey’s poor performance against her rival Anastasia and she challenged him for the next match after pouring a bottle of cold water over his perhaps already too heated up body in order for cooling him down. Then he told Eva that it was her whom he did originally want to wrestle when he saw her and that she wouldn’t have a chance versus him. This poor guy once again did underestimate a girl. Although Eva is smaller and lighter than Anastasia, she’s well muscled having a huge biceps and she’s strong and quick. Soon Mickey is in real trouble again in this match on a wet mat, both young wrestlers fighting each other with their wet bodies. There are scissors and SGPINs and grapevines and that young guy is very hard struggling. Would this be enough for pretty Eva? If you enjoy totally competitive and sexy mixed wrestling matches then you’ll love this match.

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