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Eva N
Eva N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is Dorian’s first wrestling match. Quite always when we’ve had young novice wrestling guys before, we had probably given them too strong women as their first opponents and after having been beaten up completely by that woman, the guys were frustrated and humiliated and they never came back for having another match. This time we gave Dorian our pretty Eva as his first female opponent. He’s much heavier and much bigger than Eva, although he’s not skilled and completely inexperienced as a wrestler. Dorian, however, is muscular and powerful but so is Eva, too. It’s always amazing what kind of strong and big biceps this young lady is able to show us during such a fight. Her biceps aren’t less impressive than Dorian’s and the guy is quickly wondering, why the hell such a petit pretty girl like Eva could have such a big biceps and why she could have so strong arms. Watch her bulging biceps and you’ll know why she’s so strong. Dorian was surprised by Eva’s speed and by her skilled wrestling moves and he was even more surprised about how painful it was when his head was squeezed between Eva’s beautiful thighs. Dorian was trying to win this match by using his weight as he outweighed Eva by a quite lot and he’s also much taller than Eva. It’s quite visible by watching the mid section of his body from time to time, that Dorian enjoyed this match versus beautiful Eva a lot more than he should as a sportsman, and therefore we hope that Eva was just the right female opponent for that beginner. We didn’t tell him yet that there are many DWW girls who are much stronger than Eva. Maybe we’re going to give him a taste of the stronger girls later ….

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