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Eva N
Eva N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This was a sponsored oil wrestling match as the last match of our most recent event. It was held in an exciting atmosphere since there were also live event spectators. However, for Patrick it was particularly exciting and irritating as both his sister and his girl friend were watching him, too. His girl friend looked a bit jealous but he previously satisfied her curiosity and her disbelief by telling her that there’s nothing erotic in such a match and that it is competitive only. What a liar he was! A topless oil wrestling match versus Eva isn’t anything erotic for a young guy? We were curious how tough and how controlled he would really be in the end. Eva is an expert oil wrestlers and she knows exactly how she’d have to move. Eva is also a quick wrestler and Patrick had trouble fixing her slippery and hot body. In the beginning he was surprisingly able to control himself but the longer the match went on, the more troubles he had got hiding the front of his shorts from the lenses of the camera and from the eyes of his girlfriend. The more he was irritated, the more Eva attacked him. That confirmed once again that women can be such cruel individuals once they had found out about the weak spot of us guys. Eva didn’t mind his girl friend watching them what she did and we became curious if his girlfriend would perhaps once upon a time enter the mat trying to stop Eva from rubbing her butt over helpless Patrick’s chest. Don’t worry, this was a competitive and very exciting oil wrestling match between a guy and a beautiful girl and once a again a woman did prove us why they are the much more powerful gender. It’s just because hetero guys quite often become helpless and intimidated soon at some point of such matches when the girls are too beautiful and too sexy for them.

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