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Eva N vs Patrick


Eva N
Eva N
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is Eva’s first mixed wrestling match. Since we knew that Patrick will probably need some more time to regain his skills and confidence on the mats, we thought that Eva could have a small chance in this match. However, Eva was sensational. We knoew what a fighter she is when she wrestles women, but we didn’t know that she’s even more aggressive when she’s fighting men. Oh Lord ! She also knew exactly how to weaken Patrick best. If you’re a man you will definitely know what we are meaning and we know that you’ll feel either pity for Patrick or you’ll envy him. Perhaps it’s both ! She was quicker than him, her arms wer likely stronger than his, she was more skilled than Patrick and she was sensational as she knows exactly how to weaken a man with her beautiful body. Patrick’s only advantage was his size. This is a fast and furious mixed match and you’ll definitely enjoy watching it. We strongly believe that with Eva there’s a new mixed wrestling super star born today !

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Duration 22 minutes
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MP4 1024×576 50fps (H.264)

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