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What a catfight this is! It’s perhaps one of the best of the best of the best catfights on our site. It’s almost unbelievable what these two rivals are doing to each other and how much their rivalry got out of hand in this apartment fight. If you had seen their previous matches then you already knew how evenly matched they are. Their previous wrestling matches were always close of becoming catfights. But this catfight is getting much more than a catfight. It’s a real fight between two real female rivals that doesn’t really end when it is over. This is for honour and female pride and they are fighting each other like two real enemies. The longer this fight goes the hotter and the more nasty it becomes. Their hair pulling is unbelievable but when it isn’t sufficient for making the opponent submit they’re going to rip clothes and panties with almost terrible wedgies. Ouch, that hurts! Although this is a topless catfight by definition, we had to put it into the nude section as the longer it goes the less their dress does exist and sometimes they’re almost getting more than nude. Fiercest hair pulling, merciless head scissors and brutal crotch smothers are just a few things you might consider shocking you. This match is NOT for the feinthearted at all. Please, please skip it if you’re feinthearted! This is for catfighting and for extreme fighting fans who’re already experienced with good catfights! This match calls of course for an immediate revenge and we strongly believe that both women are not yet finished with each other although there is a proud winner in this match! It’s a catfight as a catfight should be and we believe that it’s one of the few catfights where everything is getting and fitting perfect and a catfight that might only happen once a year. The finish of this match is as outstanding as the whole catfight is: Unbelievable! You’ll watch it again and again and probably you’ll hope for a rematch as much as we do. Let us know in your reviews! Perhaps this is the “catfight of the year”? Who knows?

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