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This is in DWW’s opinion perhaps the most sensational matchup of the September releases. Two true warriors, Eva N. and Mel stepping into a boxing ring for the first time in their life! Did you ever expect this to happen? We didn’t! Please don’t think that this is the well known titti-tatty foxy boxing between two weak girls that you can often see somewhere else. At DWW we don’t do this! This is real woman versus woman boxing at DWW level. The preview clips will show you already the truth. However, if you already knew brave Eva before, then you’ll understand easily that titti-tatty boxing isn’t at all what a fighting heart like her would ever plan to do. Of course this is their first boxing match and both of them aren’t experienced in any kind of boxing techniques, but they’re using the few basics they had learnt to know pretty well in this match at their advantage. While Mel uses her longer reaching area of hands, Eva’s advantages aren’t only her fighting spirit but her extremely muscular biceps and consequently her very strong arms, too. She’s able to hit extremely hard and powerful and after one of her many iron hard uppercuts, even strong and confident Mel has got to kiss the mat. We wouldn’t want to get hit by Eva’s strong and aggressive fists into our faces, would we? This is some most exciting nude boxing without any visible referee. Don’t expect to see the clean sports of English boxing here. This is a good fight with gloves with 5 one minute rounds scheduled, rounds stopped by a gong. Interviews will make that garden boxing fight extremely lively to watch. Will they both continue boxing after this fight to the finish? You bet they would after they both got hooked on boxing now. They want much more because they’re two true, honest and traditional DWW warriors! Who’ll be next on their list?

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