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If you had already seen blonde Eva in her very first boxing match versus Mel then you know indeed that she’s got it all: Aggressiveness, strength, incredibly strong arms, power and bravery. She’s a true female warrior. On the other hand we know that Leslie is a warrior and a great fighter, too, and she’s bigger and heavier than Eva. Also we knew that Leslie trains boxing in the gym and that she already had a boxing match in the garden, too. We didn’t know who’d be superior in this match, but we knew that we would expect a great and aggressive boxing match to the finish. We believe that you won’t be disappointed in this 5×1.5 minutes boxing match since there is a finish in the last round. Both girls are very brave and hit extremely hard. This isn’t any fancy foxy boxing. This is sports and it’s nude like it had been in ancient Greece. These two young women literally gave it all. Leslie could perhaps already tell you long story about Eva’s fists and so can Eva. If you like to get this kind of boxing in the future, too, then you’ll simply have to download this match.

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