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This is an apartment fight between proud and confident Mel and slim but beautiful newcomer Tessa. When Tessa feels that she’s not capable of winning this match, she’s pulling Mel’s pigtails. She better shouldn’t have done that. Mel accepts her invitation for hair pulling with pure excitement and soon after we’ll find poor Tessa crying and in tears. However, we don’t know if she cried because of Mel pulling her hair, because of the painful scissors she was in or because of Mel having broken Tessa’s pride. However, from this moment Tessa was lost and it’s a complete domination with hair pulling, face sit pins and scissors towards the end of this one sided fight. Tessa is trying hard but Mel is definitely the better woman. If you like one sided matches with lots of domination, humiliation and even some tears being shed, then this is a match for you. Of course this match was Tessa’s first impression of a hair pulling fight, but after having seen that match we do believe that Tessa is rather being up for the softer and tender side of female competition.

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