MOVIES-918 Jana N. vs Luna


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Luna had another catfight sponsorship, this time versus the best catfighter ever: Jana! There’s an interesting interview with both Luna and Jana before their fight and both women are pretty sure that they would be the winner. Luna knows that she’s bigger and stronger than Jana but she doesn’t know that Jana had already finished off other big and strong women like Daniela in a catfight and that Jana is reckless and ruthless when it comes about pulling hair. Luna is ambitious and she’s doing her best but soon she knows that Jana doesn’t just joke around and that she’s ripping hair off if necessary. With tears in her eyes tough Luna is fighting back like a lioness. Would that be sufficient? This catfight is probably a jewel for all catfight fans and perhaps it’s already too much for the sports wrestling fans since there’s some very brutal hair pulling in this fight. Finally the winner gets a bonus for sitting on the face of the totally destroyed and humiliated loser.

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