MOVIES-849 Eva N. vs Mel – catfight


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This is a fantastic catfight and probably one of the best and most emotional matches we’ve filmed during the past decade. Sometimes you’re just extremely lucky when every piece of a complicated puzzle fits such elegantly and perfectly into each other. Here we were more than lucky. Two long time rivals, equally matched with something to settle. Eva was at her best. Beautiful, confident and lovely! We know that she can even add another 10% of fighting spirit while she’s fighting in front of a crowd. And what a fight this was. Advantages and disadvantages for both of them, awesome scissors, figure4 locks, extreme hair pulling and outstanding spirit and aggression. Lots of emotions, ad hoc interviews and an exciting atmosphere will make this catfight a highlight in your collection. While you’re watching this match you’ll likely feel excited as if you’re watching the super bowl final. Who’ll be the winner? In the end, one girl runs away with a bloody nose after an (unintended) hit of her opponent’s fist that hit her nose. Then her opponent said that she’d be the winner in a real fight because her opponent has run away in tears. However, we warned her that she’d come back probably extremely aggressive. And look how aggressive she was! There was no love lost any more. Will one girl be able to end this match as she expected it to end or will the other one fight her opponent just like a lioness to the finish? We don’t tell you who won and in what way she won but we promise you an exciting and most entertaining catfight to the finish you won’t forget soon. This real fight surely was one of the highlights of this event and it’ll stay long in our memories.

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