MOVIES-899 Anni vs Eva N.


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Anni is a blonde girl whom we have met in the street casting (see MOVIES-889). At first she was a bit reluctant because she didn’t want to participate into any nudity, but surprisingly when she had asked her boyfriend it was alright for him as long as she doesn’t do any complete nude wrestling. When we had seen Anni in MOVIES-889 we immediately knew that she would be a great find as she’s very beautiful. However, we didn’t realise how fit and strong she was and what a great fighter she is. Eva N. was her first opponent in a pins only match. However, we believe that Anni has such muscular thighs that the scissors might become her especially dangerous hold soon and that she would be even better in submission matches and catfights as she’s a very aggressive girl, too. Anni’s arms are comparable with Eva’s arms: Great and defined biceps and very strong. Of course Anni didn’t know anything about wrestling techniques but you could clearly see what a great fighter she was and she’s also very ambitious. Eva was clearly surprised meeting a similar built blonde newcomer who had the same if not even more arm power than Eva has got herself. Although both girls are having the same size and weight and although Eva is very experienced, newcomer Anni could immediately bring Eva into trouble with her strength and with her aggressive fighting spirit. We really hope that our customers will love blonde Anni, too, because she’s one of those talents whom you could only find once a year. If our wrestling fans would like to say “yeah” to Anni then all they should do is downloading her first wrestling matches and perhaps sponsoring some more matches for Anni so that she could improve her skills and her experience more quickly. We believe that she really loves fighting girls. Why she has got those great defined thigh muscles and that great biceps we might likely ask her later.

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