FOM-398 Jana N. vs Ingrid – catfight


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Fight of the Month # 398 (December 2008)
Jana N. (22), Ingrid (26)

This is one of the most emotional catfights we’d ever filmed. Ingrid and Jana are definitely born catfighters and losing a catfight had never been any part of their vocabulary. While Ingrid was more experienced, Jana had become a rising catfighting star. It came as it had to come: In the middle of the fight one fighter got totally frustrated and complained. The other one was upset about her complaints and then spice was added up when Ingrid’s bad words were thrown at Jana as trash and consequently Jana then denied to continue. Then a kind of female “catfight discussion” followed until both were able to calm down a bit for being able to continue. Then they agreed to continue without hairpulling. Did they stay towards their agreement ? A joke, isn’t it ! Not Ingrid and neither Jana. Only a few seconds in their match the nasty hairpulling started again from scratch. This is probably one of the most intense hairpulling fights ever. Not to be missed if you like to watch a real feud.

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