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Late in March 1998, we invited our DWW-VIP-CLUB-MEMBERS to attend a "limited edition" event held in our private studio in Hungary. Attendance was restricted because of the small space, much of which was occupied by the compact boxing ring (not only can’t you hide but you can’t really run either), and the numerous young ladies who made our visit so enjoyable.

This was an event for cognoscenti of the ultimate in female combat, namely boxing and extreme fighting. On Friday we arrived at our hotel to find a group of the renowned Black Sea Amazons already waiting for us. The hotel was a family-run "pension", with a garden leading down to the Danube. The rooms were modern and spotless, the plumbing unquestionable, the staff charming, welcoming, attentive and anxious to please, offering four spoken languages. As the sun edged towards the western horizon, minibuses took us to the nearby studio, where we were joined by the female members, together with their seconds and trainers, of our favourite and also well known Hungarian boxing club. The whole of Friday evening was devoted to a replay of the wonderful international female boxing tournament between Hungary and the Ukraine featured in DWW EU-46, but this time the match-ups were different and there were five: one of eight two-minute rounds, one of six, and three of five rounds.

Match 1: DIANA (Hungary / blue shorts) vs. Tatyana (BSA / white shorts):

The girls from both countries had their blood up for a fight, and the first round between Diana (Hungary) and another lovely brunette, Tatjana (Ukraine), set the pace for the rest of the evening. There was no attempt to stalk each other - both girls attacked from the bell.  Diana is well known to the spectators but it was Tatyana’s first actual boxing match, although she holds championship belts at world class in kick-boxing, and taekwondo. One could scarcely expect a more thrilling fight in a lifetime than Diana’s first international against blonde Tatjana at the 1997 Summer Event, yet here was its equal, but a new, brunette Tatyana. The pace was unremitting, nothing was held back, the punches cracked loud across the room. Sporting it certainly may have been, but without quarter on either side. Breathtaking. See some of the following pictures to become able to believe us. And also note the great pictures of both beauties when they were redressed just a few hours after they had such a great fight. They respected and congratulated each other and they even kissed each other. Something we believe that only women are able to do. That's probably why we love the female combat sports so much! After a match they leave any hate behind them and though they fought aggressively, bitterly and most vicious they will afterwards respect and love their opponents as well. Imgine what great characters most of the sportswomen are!

(c)1998 DWW

(c)1998 DWW

(c)1998 DWW

Both the following 2 pictures were taken just about 2 hours after they had that great and so vicious fight!

(c)1998 DWW

(c)1998 DWW

There are more pictures from that boxing match in our Web Club April issue "boxing photo gallery".



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