FOM-213 Ingrid vs Pettula


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Fight of the Month # 213 (January 2007)
Ingrid, Pettula

This is an apartment catfight you had long waited for to be released ! Ingrid is a smoker but Pettula doesn’t want her to smoke in the flat. Pettula hates smoking. That’s why the catfight started between the smoker and the non smoker. Soon both women are so much entangled into each others bodies and hairs that they forgot why they had started to fight each other – now it’s just about pride. They just don’t stop before they both are totally exhausted. A completely equally catfight with lots of submissions on either side of the two mature women. Not much topless but there and then one of the big breast pops out. However, the final conclusion of this fight will be that Ingrid decides to stop smoking. Both conclude that their fight was fun but smoking ain’t any fun!

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