FOM-462 Anna L. vs Jana N.


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This is a most exciting match in uniforms. If you need to show somebody evidence that a fight between two equally matched girls doesn’t need to have any hair pulling involved for being a superb catfight then just watch this match and take it as a 100% proof. It’s an outstanding wrestling match, most aggressive and last but not least it’s a real girl fight. Jana was 18 and Anna was 4 years elder than her teenage rival. They’re both from different countries and their international rivalry was just another ingredient of this spicy fight. Both were growing up in council estates when they were little girls and they had to fight their way up in obviously many fights against other girls and boys of their area and in the streets. That’s why you will immediately understand why they both really know what a girl fight is like and what it means to be in a real street fight and giving more than 100% when fighting for pride and for your own future. If you like real girl fights then this is for you. In your best fantasies you might begin to imagine that both of them were gang leaders of different local areas or school classes making it out in front of their friends. It really doesn’t matter that they’re fighting in uniforms. In contrary this just adds some extra spice, making their fight even more lively and real. We could only recommend you to not miss out this special fight as it is one of the best and most exciting ones we’d ever filmed. Both Jana and Anna were such great and outstanding fighters and they’re such equal characters. You’ll love them both and it’ll be hard picking your favourites in this match. Bravo, girls! Wonderful! Enjoy!
PS: There’s also a short topless arm wrestling and posing at the end of this match.

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